DC101 Plug In 3/16/17


Man Breaks Leg While Escaping Burglary, Calls Ambulance

At Least 3 Cherry Blossom Varieties Could Survive the Freeze          

Some Former Police Officers Now Can Carry Guns in Virginia Schools

Team USA came back to beat Venezuela 4-2 in the World Baseball Classic.

Cage the Elephant has banned cell phones / smart watches / recording devices from their acoustic tour.

The UK show Celebrity Big Brother is looking to get OJ Simpson on a future season.

October will be Zombie Preparedness Month in Illinois.

A Florida neighborhood has been warned to watch out for a pet cobra that has escaped and is on the loose.

A fire destroyed a man’s $3m car collection. Oh, and he didn’t have insurance on any of it.

A cooler was donated to Goodwill in Washington that contained $24,000 worth of weed.

Capitals look to continue winning at home, play Predators tonight at 7pm.

Joe Biden's favorite Joe Biden meme.

The Cherry Blossoms are freezing to death.

Guy reads Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions...for 9 hours.

Here at the 10 most redneck cities in Maryland.


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