DC101 Plug In 3/10/17


Beloved Penguin Mural to Return to Silver Spring

Virginia Boy 'Obsessed' With Target Will Have His 4th Birthday Party There          

Cherry Blossoms Endangered If Temperature Drops to 24 Degrees

The Statue Of Liberty will undergo a $4.5 million cleanup and restoration project.

Cans of 311 Amber Ale are going on sale tomorrow for 311 Day!

Producer Frank Marshall has shared the first photo from Jurassic World 2 and yes! Count me in!

Backlash for a woman in England who asked for donations to take her family to Disneyland.

Two Metro employees duked it out in the Pentagon station and the station manager went to jail for assault.

Arlington was named the 3rd coolest city in America by Expedia.

A woman had a man jump on her leg to break it. Yes, there is video. Yes, alcohol was involved. Click here to see it.

YouPorn said that site usage was noticeably down last weekend after the launch of Nintendo Switch.

Pundit's kids ruin interview segment on BBC World News.

Your last chance to sample Cease & Desist is tomorrow! 

4 year old girl almost blown away by a gust of wind!

Diddy will premiere the Bad Boy Entertainment doc at Tribeca Film Festival.

James Corden can't pronounce "Maryland" correctly.


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