DC101 Plug In 3/9/17

Thieves Steal 30 Guns From Maryland Store

Fight Between Metro Employee and Manager Sends One to Hospital

White House Sets 139th Easter Egg Roll for April 17

There will be lots of street closures this weekend for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon.

Capitals are on the West Coast with the Sharks tonight at 10:30pm.

The Nintendo Switch had the best launch of any Nintendo console ever.

Take a yellow cab because your odds of getting into an accident are lower.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are calling off their divorce.

Can beer be made to taste better on an airplane?

Is cutting the cord really saving you money vs. regular cable service?

The town of Rochdale in England is considering banning swearing in public.

Michael Stipe and David Letterman are basically the same person now.

Pregnant Woman In Spoof Giraffe Viral Video Gives Birth!

Red band trailer for "Rough Night"

New teaser poster released for Game Of Thrones season 7.

Biggie Smalls died 20 years ago today.

The first 3 words of Star Wars: The Last Jedi have been revealed.

Joey Fatone came on stage during a Backstreet Boys show.

Your last chance of the year to sample Cease & Desist is THIS Saturday.


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