DC101 Plug In 3/3/17

Washington Nationals Auditioning National Anthem Singers

First Phase of Beach Drive Project Extended by Two Months

Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven to Celebrate 7/11 « CBS DC                                                                                            

Ronda Rousey will play a prison inmate on an upcoming episode of Blindspot.

Cage the Elephant announces Cage The Elephant: Live & Unpeeled, The Acoustic Tour, 4/22 at The Lincoln Theater.

Nintendo Switch cartridges purposely taste bad for a reason.

Because why wouldn’t KISS have their own brand of soda? Destroyer Cola is coming soon!

A new skiing world record was set when Swiss skier Elias Ambuhl went over 80mph…BACKWARDS!

Flying Dog Brewery is having a celebration called Tom SelleckCon. Hell yes.

Someone pretended to be Nickelback's drummer to buy $25K worth of microphones.

Rodney Dangerfield’s widow Joan is not pleased with a mural of him and wants it redone.

All DMV hhgregg's are closing.

Wolf Trap releases summer concert schedule.

Carjackers foiled by manual transmission.

Neon makeup is all the rage on Instagram.

Emma Watson is under fire for underboob picture.

Crossfit Games announce Open workout 17.2


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