Nine Inch Nails' New EP Packages Filled With Unknown Black Substance

Nine Inch Nails released their EP Not the Actual Events without much warning in December 2016. Those who pre-ordered the digital version were promised a "physical component."

Well that physical component has been showing up to those who ordered it along with an unexpected surprise or two.

Multiple recipients of the package have reported it contains an unknown black powdery substance within in amongst other unusual things.

The outer packaging warns "To be read IN ITS ENTIRETY before opening. Actions have consequences!" and "This will make a mess." It also states the band and its affiliates take no responsibility for anything that occurs after opening.

Other than the black powder that apparently ends up getting everywhere while opening the packaging, there are a number of printed cards and lyrics contained inside.

It appears fans aren't too happy about the whole thing, leading many of them to believe that Trent Reznor has trolled them.

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