DC101 Plug In 2/27/17

DC Streetcar Reaches 1-Year Mark

DC Elementary School to Reopen After Cleaning for Bed Bugs, Pests

And the Oscar goes to La La Land Moonlight!

A customer complained that a plumber shared a photo of her sex toy and got him fired.

NYC restaurant Seafood City turned into the Thunderdome during a massive brawl on Friday night.

California police officers helped to raise $40,000 to buy a man a car who walks 5 hours EACH WAY to work!

Actor Bill Paxton passed away due to surgery complications at the age of 61.

The GPS is not always right. A man drove into a subway station in Canada because his navigation told him to.

Not a good DC sports weekend as the Wizards lost to the Jazz and the Predators beat up on the Caps. 

Andy Samberg did his Eddie Vedder impression during The Independent Film Spirit Awards to honor those that didn’t die in 2016.

D.C. United break ground on Audi Field.

Red Sox install "sleep room" at Fenway so players can nap better.

Adidas offers private island to any player who breaks the 40 yd dash record at NFL Combine.


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