DC101 Plug In 2/24/17

Little Tikes recalls toddler swings due to fall hazard          

Pet Lions, Crocodiles, Monkeys Could Soon Be Banned in Arlington County

Tom Brady is taking matters into his own hands with his hilarious Suspect Board in the missing jersey case.

A man lost 50 pounds using the VR game Soundboxing.

Don’t use your phone while going to the bathroom because GERMS!

A Washington man claims to have had sex with over 1,000 cars.

A woman’s GPS watch busted her for cheating in a half marathon race.

Ads are coming to Facebook Live. Hooray!

A deceased woman in Ohio told people to wait to collect her things in her obituary.

Your Street Fighter skills could get you a piece of a $250,000 pool from ELeague.

Germantown is the 2nd most diverse town in the USA.

Hear (and understand) R2D2's voice in Star Wars: A New Hope.


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