DC101 Plug In 2/23/17


Riders Likely to Pay More for Less on Financially Crippled Metro: Board Chair          

Peeps-Flavored Oreo Cookies Debut Ahead of Easter Holiday          

Newborn Giraffe's Name Revealed: Meet Willow

The Capitals came away with a 4-1 victory over the Flyers in Philly.

An app in Japan will tell employees which bathroom stalls are open and tell bosses how long people have been in there.

A beer festival in England is promising zero hangovers the next day. Of course there’s a catch...

NASA has found a new solar system with 3 Earth-sized planets that could be inhabitable.

Ladies, you are now legally allowed to go topless in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Simpsons will be honored at the MLB HOF for the “Homer At The Bat” Episode.

You know you want to drop $1000 on a Sega Dreamcast that’s signed by Fred Durst.

Police in Edmonton gave a driver a ticket for wearing his pet ferret around his neck.

McDonalds will be selling sodas for a dollar starting in April.

Tix to see Cold War Kids at Merriweather in September go on sale tomorrow.

There is an Elmer's Glue shortage.

A Kanye West statue has appeared on Hollywood Blvd.


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