DC101 Plug In 2/22/17

Bao Bao Lands in China After Leaving National Zoo          

Ocean City Makes Trip Advisor's Top 10 Beaches List

DC traffic is rated the 6th worst in the US and I demand a recount!

 Police in Paraguay are hunting for a couple that was having sex while riding on a motorcycle.

Facebook is talking with MLB about streaming live games.

UPS is experimenting with drone deliveries directly from their brown trucks.

Tom Hanks has written a collection of short stories that is coming out in October.

Scientists at Disney may have figured out a way to have wireless charging for all devices in a room.

The Capitals look to get back to winning against the Flyers tonight at 8 in Philly.

Once again, Maryland has more millionaire homes than any other state in the country.

Facebook wants to stream one MLB game a week.

The bull that got loose in Queens has died.  

David Bowie fans want to build a three story monument to him in London.

Iceland President walks back comments about banning pineapple on pizza.

Crowdfunded MST3K revival to hit Netflix in April.

Scientists discover 7 "Earth-like" planets.

Wakefield High sends boys and girls teams to state basketball tournament.



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