Before Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan Was In This Crappy Prog Band

Before starting The Smashing Pumpkins with James Iha in 1988, Billy Corgan was in a number of short-lived bands in the 80's. 

He played in few rock bands in high school in Chicago, then moved to Florida after he graduated and started The Marked with Ron Roesing in 1985.

The Marked dissolved just over a year later, and Billy moved back to Chicago and joined the band Deep Blue Dream in 1987, of which Wayne Static was also a member before he started Static-X.

One of the bands Corgan was in during high school was called Hexen, and a video of them performing make them sound like a Rush rip-off. It's pretty evident Billy had some talent on the guitar, showing some Eddie Van Halen-like moves during his solo.

Billy probably would like to forget this ever happened, but at least he had hair back then.

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