DC101 Plug In 2/17/17

Virginia DMV Website Now Displaying Wait Time Estimates

Fabled '90s Malt Liquor Zima Aims to Make Comeback in U.S.: Report

Md. Police Officer Sentenced for Taking Inappropriate Photos of Women

Everyday items won a NASA contest to help astronauts with poop in space.

A question that has plagued us for years has officially been answered: are Snuggies blankets or clothing?

The Monopoly vote is in and the results: Goodbye thimble.

North Dakota’s governor was kicked off the State Senate floor for wearing jeans.

AT&T just tested their first flying cell tower to help with cellular deal spots.

6 current and 6 former TSA agents have been arrested by the DEA for helping to smuggle 20 tons of cocaine into the US.

How long should you wait until you fart in front of your partner?

Can whoever took the 1,000 pound chicken statue from Taylorsville, NC, please return it? Thanks.

D.C. United to break ground on their new stadium on 2/27!

Here is Brooklyn...summed up in one photo.

Doug Kammerer (and Jim Vance) make the list of hottest local news reporters!

Wrestling legend, George "The Animal" Steele has died.

Two women tried to smuggle 13lbs of horse genitals into Dulles.


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