DC101 Plug In 2/15/17

DC Restaurants to Close Thursday for 'Day Without Immigrants' Strike

Panda Express: How to FedEx a Panda

A documentary about Andre The Giant is coming to HBO.

A big crowd gathered and all at once mooned the Trump building in Chicago. #RumpAgainstTrump

Avoid airplane baggage fees with this coat that can hold up to 33 pounds of stuff.

Get over your ex by using the new app Mend. Or choose liquor. Your call.

Sorry Alexandria, no Taco Bell for you…

Harrison Ford had another aviation mishap when he landed his plane on a taxiway instead of a runway.

Kate Upton is the cover model for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

We need to be more careful about posting when we're away on social media because it’s leading to robberies.

D.C. United's new stadium will be called Audi Field.

Jack Johnson is coming to Merriweather in June.

Nickelback and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a Twitter feud.

American Girl will release its first boy doll later this year.

Kel Mitchell and his wife are expecting their first child.

Guy trolls girlfriend with tease of European vacation...but really just wants to watch soccer.

Blackberry sold very few phones last year. Very few.



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