DC101 Plug In 2/13/17

Library of Congress Store Removes Misspelled Trump Poster

How Atlanta prisoners break out of federal prison, then break back in                       

Adele won big at the Grammys while Metallica had a bad night.

Oregon is the first state to have legalized marijuana home delivery.

The Tokyo zoo had an emergency drill with a man in a gorilla costume being chased down.

A man in Alabama won $5000 in a fantasy fishing tournament. Yes, fantasy fishing exists.

New champions were crowned at WWE Elimination Chamber last night. 

If you’re looking for a new gig, Queen Elizabeth wants someone to run her social media pages.

Whoops. Dominican Republic newspaper El Nacional used a photo of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in a story.

The Lego Batman Movie was #1 at the box office and Fifty Shades Darker came in second place.

Orchestra played Metallica as Megadeth comes to the stage to accept their Grammy.

Jerry Sandusky's son is arrested on child sexual abuse charges.

A stagehand is to blame for Metallica's technical difficulties at the Grammys.

The Grammys "goodie bag" contained over $30,000 of swag.

Documentaries on Andre The Giant and Princess Diana are coming out this year.

New Stranger Things photos hint at things to come.

Nats kick off spring training in new FL home.


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