DC101 Plug In 2/8/17


No sign of Sunny: Virginia Zoo still searching for red panda

Students From DC School Infested With Bed Bugs Head to Class at Temporary Location

Second Egg Appears in DC Bald Eagle Nest Near Police HQ

Former Fairfax Mayor to Plea to Charge After Meth-for Sex Sting

Cadbury is looking to hire professional chocolate tasters.

Day 3 of our national nightmare: Tom Brady’s jersey is still missing.

Leah Remini claims that John Travolta can literally get away with murder in the Church of Scientology.

Star Wars Land will open at Disney theme parks in 2019.

Chris Cornell says there may be more to come from Audioslave.

A couple has separated after 20+ years of marriage over their differing political views.

For the second game in a row, the Capitals win 5-0 with the latest victim being the Hurricanes.

A Pennsylvania woman died while stealing clothes from a donation box.

Fairfax city has a new mayor...after the old one was arrested on sex for meth charges.

Catastrophe announces season three premiere date.

Man with a million face tattoos is wanted by US Marshals. Last seen in VA.

A lunar eclipse, a full moon. AND a comet flyby is on tap for Friday night.


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