Bush Announce New Album "Black and White Rainbows"

Bush have announced their new studio album, titled Black and White Rainbows and released the lead single, "Mad Love."

The album is the band's seventh, a follow-up to 2014's Man on the Run. The new album is set to be released on March 10, 2017 via Zuma Rock Record. The record also contains the previously released track "People at War," singer Gavin Rossdale's reaction to the refugee crisis overseas.

Rossdale told Metro in regards to Black and White Rainbows, "My whole career I've been trying to make music that's a hybrid of rock and electronic. I'd say it's a textured, approachable and commercial record. People are going to [expletive] love it."

Black and White Rainbows Tracklist:

  1. Mad Love
  2. Peace-s
  3. Water
  4. Lost In You
  5. Sky Turns Day Glo
  6. Toma Mi Corazon
  7. All the Worlds Within You
  8. Nurse
  9. The Beat of Your Heart
  10. Dystopia
  11. Ray of Light
  12. Ravens
  13. Nothing But a Car Chase
  14. The Edge of Love
  15. People at War

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