DC101 Plug In 2/3/17

Dogfish Head is once again the official beer of Record Store Day.

The best and worst times for sex are….

The people behind Coachella (and the fans) are worried about Beyonce’s pregnancy possibly affecting her headlining performance.

A GNC Super Bowl ad was banned because it advertised substances banned by the NFL.

McDonald’s is offering Chocolate Shamrock Shakes this year.

Two men were arrested for having sex on a display bed at New Jersey Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the sequel that everyone has been waiting for: Sharknado 5 is happening.

The medals for Tokyo 2020 will be made out of recycled material from old cell phones.

 Jimmy Kimmel Live's Celebrity Mean Tweets: Super Bowl Edition features Josh Norman.

NBC4's Wendy Rieger has surgery for a detached retina.

Here's how long sex is supposed to take.

You could be shut out of Gmail on Wednesday.

Most popular Girl Scout cookies by state. 

McDonald's Shamrock Shake menu will be available starting Wednesday.

Kim K. and Chrissy Teigan are starting a book club.


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