And yes, this is what every Non-DMB fan thinks every fan of Dave Matthews Band looks like at a DMB show.

And yes, we know every DMB fan just muttered, "Damn right" to themselves as they swell with pride.

We get it though. When Dave and the boys launch into their third seventh 9 minute jam session of one of their classic hits during the show, you can't help but lose control. 

Let's check out the video and then we'll break down a still photo.

Now, here's a snapshot of our dancing bear (see what I did there DMB fans?).

A few things:

-The dude who is checking his phone basically ignored the guy during his entire dance, which led me to believe that he was annoyed because he ended up next to a "that guy" at a concert. But at the end, he totally high fives the guy! That's the power of DMB!

-I'm a fan of the girl in the top left corner. She's at a DMB show, but she knows where the REAL action is. You can watch Dave "jam out" mulitple times at each of the 273 shows she's been to, but this guy is once a lifetime (unless you've been to one of the 493 shows he's attended). 

-Oh HAI, Howard Stern! Didn't know you were a Dave fan. That's SO COOL!