I'm coming into this one completely blind....not to test my skills...moreso because everything on the bottle is in Flemish so I can't understand a word on it.

Look-Muddy brown...complete with the haze to make it look like authentic mud. A finger of head that holds even after 20 minutes.

Smell-Figs and other dark fruits (grapes perhaps?)

Taste-Sweet in the back of the mouth. Those dark fruits are there throughout. 

Mouthfeel-Medium bodied and very smooth...especially for a Belgian. 

Overall-I was pleasantly surprised by this beer...it has some of the Belgian trademarks (dark fruit, high ABV) but is much smoother and thus, more drinkable. 

About Leute Bokbier:

Leute Bokbier was produced by brewery Van Steenberge for the first time in 1927. The billy and the hop tendril in the logo refer to the billies of the former brewery-farm and its bordering hop fields. Along with the termination of the farming activities, unfortunately also the Leute Bokbier disappeared and it took until 1997 to be produced again. LEUTE BOKBIER unites all the good from the past with the knowledge of the present. LEUTE BOKBIER is a darkred heavy top-fermented beer with a second fermentation in the bottle or in the barrel. It has a very aromatic taste, not too sweet, but full and mild in the mouth.