As a yoga lover Lululemon products are the bee’s knees when it comes to yoga active wear.  The first time I ever heard about these overpriced yoga garments I was told the leggings don’t give you camel toe.  Well thats convenient, but what is not convenient is being able to see all your goodies through the over sheer leggings.

So now Lululemon must pull these reveling leggings off the shelves.  Over sheer leggings are a guys dream but a girls nightmare.. depending on the chick that is.  I say the company should find a new market... Strippers.  I mean strippers must stay flexible and they don’t mind if the world can see their goodies. 

For some reason I don’t think the company will follow through with my suggestion, but hey I’m just trying to keep you guys in business because I am still a fan of all the yoga products they have to offer.

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written by Roche's intern, Evil Claire