Apparently, this song has been kicking around in "Mama" McNabb's head for about 13 years. But it was only in 2013 did she get it recorded.

Sadly, this is not Mama on vocals. But none of the heartfelt lyrics about watching her son excel on the football field are lost on me (and you). 

It's a fine song as far as love songs about your son go (ewww) but let's get to the awkwardness.

How would you feel about this if you were Donovan?

And before you go all "I'd love it. My mother and I are close and it'd be awesome if she wrote a song about me" consider this. 

Remember when you were 12 years old and your mom wanted to kiss you goodbye when she dropped you off at school. And remember how much you hated it because your mom was kissing your cheek in front of your friends.

Well imagine that peck on the a youtube video....when you were 36 years old...and a professional athlete.


Thanks for the thought Mom...but can you keep that stuff behind closed doors? different would the song be if it were only about his year with the Redskins?

When the boos

fade away

I'll be there

at the end of the day

He is the one

they trust the game in his hands

He blows the game

Nothing goes as planned.

Thanks to The 700 Level for bringing this video to my attention.