You should see this on hitting the shelves of your favorite craft beer store in the next few weeks. Thanks to our friends at Widmer, we're able to sample it now.
Look-golden in color and cloudy. This is unfiltered and while I'm not enough of an expert to fully break that down, I do know that is why we get the cloudy look you see in the picture below. 
Smell-Whew...those piney hops fill you nose with one whiff. Smells like I'm out in the Oregon forest. I'm also getting citrus on my sniff. 
Taste-Those piney hops hit you from the first sip and drench you tongue from there. Hop lovers will be in heaven the moment it hits your lips.
Mouth-Medium bodied. Dry as a Death Valley summer afternoon. It might be my naive palette but the aftertaste has a bit of sweetness to it. 
Overall-A hop lovers dream. The unfiltered quality gives it a rawness that hopheads will enjoy. It's a tad out of my comfort zone due to the dryness of the mouth but I appreciate the style and would recommend this to hopheads everywhere. 
About Upheaval IPA:
Brewed with 6 different hop varieties and 3 different grains, including wheat, Upheaval will be a fitting tribute, not only to the bold Northwest-style IPA, but to Kurt and Rob Widmer’s unapologetic attitude in legacy of innovation.