Everything about this brewery is classy. The bottles, the glasses, and of course, the beers. Let's give their winter ale a spin.
Look-A cloudy deep amber color. Nice layer of foam to top it off.
Smell-I think that's spice (clove?) and orange peel in my nose.
Taste-So sweet on the lips. Then the spice kicks in. And it REALLY kicks in. Spicy!
Mouth-Medium bodied. Sweet on the lips but dry in the mouth and finish.It's got some kick to it as well.
Overall-A perfect winter ale as the spices really warm you up on the way down. The sweetness from the orange peel is a nice balance to the spice. I bit too dry for my taste but that's just personal preference. A really good beer. As I would expect from Ommegang.
About Adoration Winter Ale:
Ale brewed with Spices: Coriander, Cardamon, Mace, Grains of Paradise, Sweet Orange Peel. Adoration is a traditional winter ale, brewed in the Belgian manner, but with the twist of unusual spicing. Sip it on a winter eve sitting before a fire. You’ll understand why we couldn’t name it anything else.