Look-Cloudy, dark brown. Very little head.

Smell-I took a big whiff of this couldn't find much of an aroma.

Taste-Definite malt backbone (my first use of that beer term...I'm so excited) but outside of that...I'm not getting much else as far as flavor.

Mouth-Medium bodied. The barleywine texture is definitely apparent. Not getting much hop though.

Overall-Coming in at 8%, this could be trouble since it's VERY smooth. I enjoy the malty backbone but wish I could taste more in this beer. I good beer...but my least favorite from Mad Fox so far.

About Leonidas:

This brew was designed to be something special to mark out 300th brew much like its predecessor Batch 100. We took a different approach and took most of the dark malt character out and made this in the spirit of a rich West Coast Double IPA. English pale and crystal malts melded with German Cara-wheat, Carafa and Munich malts form a solid malt backbone. The kettle additions of hops follow with 100% American bred Citra hops to be followed by dry hopping with Citra and another favorite in the Simcoe varietal to lend a piney, citrus hop character to the juicy malt flavor. Enjoy this version now while you can and expect to see the rest of the batch in a barrel aged version in June. Cheers!