When rumors of a beer with Old Bay in it started to swirl over the winter, my belly started to grumble. As a Marylander, Old Bay is the go to spice for everything from crabs to french fries (see below).

But in beer!?!?!

Only one way to find out if it works.

Look-A cloudy, straw colored yellow with a good foamy head that gradually dissipates.

Smell-THERE'S that familiar spicy smell of Old Bay. From the first whiff, I'm transported to a red and white checkered table in the backyard surrounded by grilled meats.

Taste-Old Bay right on the lips but it's quickly replaced with citrus. Interesting. I thought it'd be all Old Bay all the time. I'm pleased to be wrong.

Mouth-Light bodied and crisp in the mouth. Again, the Old Bay is surprisingly absent on the swirl. Oh but there it is again in the after taste. Hello old friend.

Overall-This beer IS summer in the DMV. It would have been easy (and wrong) for Flying Dog to just dump a boatload of Old Bay in a beer and sell it. This is EXACTLY what I would want in a spiced beer. Huge in the nose. Lightly flavored in the mouth. It'll be perfect with your backyard BBQs this summer. But just like Old Bay, Dead Rise isn't exclusive to crabs. Try it with anything.

About Dead Rise:

Dead Rise was brewed to highlight the indelible character of Old Bay through bright and refreshing citrus hop notes and a crisp tart finish. Our brewers worked with the spice experts at Old Bay for over six months to develop the recipe and craft a beer that will quickly earn its spot alongside the iconic yellow, blue, and red tin.