I was never a huge barley wine fan but mostly because my pallette wasn't mature enough to enjoy it (it probably still isn't). I am enjoyiomg this genre more though because I can appreciate it a bit better than in the past.

I bought a sixer of the Horn Dog. My plan is to drink two and cellar the rest. I'll have one every six months for the next two years to see how the taste changes.

I've let this sample warm a bit before tasting.

Look-dark brownish red.

Smell-dark fruits especially cherries, raspberries, and raisons.

Taste-So, so smooth on the lips. So glad I let this warm so I'm able to taste the fruit on my lips without the chill.

Mouth-meduim to slightly full bodied. Rich dark fruit on the swirl. Tangy and sweet.

Overall-careful with this one. It hides the 10.5% ABV extremely well in a dark fruit delight. Make sure you sip this...as I will be doing for the rest of the day. Can't wait to taste how it ages.

About Horn Dog:

Big malty flavors, including licorice and chocolate, are balanced with a moderate hop profile. Brewed with copious amounts of prized malts and flaked oats, the Barley Wine is so strong that it has to be aged for several months before we can bottle it. Like a fine wine, it will continue to improve with age up to 2 years after bottling (If kept cool).