Last week Billboard said that U2 was going to have to delay the release of their next album until 2015, but now the band is saying that is untrue.

A report today in The Guardian was that a spokesperson for U2 said that the "album is planned for this year, is still on track and touring plans haven't been confirmed yet."

I figured something wasn't right with that report from Billboard. Why would U2 go through all of the trouble to put their song "Invisible" out for the Super Bowl and also make appearances at a few awards shows? Things like that don't just happen on a whim, they take months of planning and are very calculated moves.

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Now there have been some additions to the producer side of things. Danger Mouse is the main guy on the project but they will get some help from Paul Epworth and Ryan Tedder. It's not like they don't know what they're doing either, as they helped write and produce songs for Adele.