We had fun with Cassie from Touch of Flavor coming in the other day to talk about the event coming up in Baltimore, showing us the basics in flogging. (You can click here to see that video and our interview with Cassie.) Well that wasn't all we did at the studio, we had a few different demonstrations happen.

The next in the series of kink education is Rope Play, as Cassie gives us a simple rope trick to use to tie up your special someone, then she went more advanced and showed me what being hogtied is like. 

Let me say that I was there on the ground and could not move at all. It was tough just staying there and not rolling to the side. Remind me not to make Cassie mad ever!

Touch of Flavor is happening in a few weeks. Make sure you get your tickets to be a part of what will surely be an exciting time! Click here to get registered for Touch of Flavor and see more about the events and classes taking place July 4th - 7th!