The celebrities who go to the Oscars don't really care about the trophies, the accolades from their peers or the admiration from the public, it's all about the gift bag! Every year the presenters and winners gets big bags full of stuff that companies want them to use, or at least be seen holding for 2 seconds while a photographer gets 400 snaps of them with their merchandise. 

This year's bag has some interesting items, including:

Tickets to an all-kid circus, Le Petit Cirque

A Touchfire iPad keyboard

$250 worth of Diet Pepsi and a Samsung camera

Personal training sessions

Bonita Platinum Tequila

Vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico and Australia

A picture of Abraham Lincoln

A water filtration system

Spa packages

Weight loss programs and cookbooks


Lotion and skin care products


Lint rollers

Ok maybe the last two aren't so great, but in total your grab bag is valued at $48,000! Of course you want to have one of those! You might have to sit through a long, boring show hearing everyone thanking their wife and secretary and the stunt double in the 4th scene of the movie but if you can leave with a $48,000 gift bag, who cares! I'll sit still and smile the whole time for that.

(photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Plus you could see Andy Dick get drunk and punched out by someone. Double bonus!!!