After a year we still really don't know why Kim Deal left The Pixies. Was there fighting in the band? Was Frank Black being too controlling (as usual)? Did Kim just want to move on to other projects and grow as an artist?

One thing is for certain though: the band would take her back.

Guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer Dave Lovering talked to NME about a possibility of her return. "When Kim left we wished her well and said she's welcome back anytime. I have no idea if she will or not. I guess if she did right now it would be a little tough situation to be in, because we're so happy with Paz, but, it's open. We have goodwill."

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I can't imagine that Paz Lenchantin, their current bass player, is happy to hear something like that. Sure, they SAY they're happy with her playing. But the relationship they had with Kim went on for years. That's a bond that, no matter how good you are playing bass, you can't be comfortable about.