Everyone is going to talk about St. Patrick's Day and the beer and Irish food aspect, so I was thinking about it and realized that we actually have a lot of Pats in the music that we love. Why not showcase them and have a different St. Patrick's Day celebration?

For example, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy! 

Or maybe Patrick Wilson of Weezer! 

Does Patrick Carney of The Black Keys fit in here too? Of course! 

We could even get two Pat Smear occasions, first with Nirvana...

and with Foo Fighters! 

What about Steven Patrick Morrissey and his band The Smiths! 

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Birthday Boy William Patrick Corgan, who we all know and love as the Smashing Pumpkins leader!


Our musical world has many great Pats and today, gentlemen, we salute you!