It took a while for us to get ...Like Clockwork but Josh Homme said it won't take as long for the next album.

The Queens of the Stone Age singer was chatting with Crave Online and told them that the work would begin soon.

"Well this tour went on longer than we've hoped...or than we were planning. It's a good thing, but it's also like ok, we're ready to stop now. And so it makes Halloween a real celebration, because there's a certain hurray punctuation attached to it. And also it means we can take a little time and get in the studio. We have a lot of songs."

(The reason Josh mentioned Halloween is because it'll be the final Queens of the Stone Age show of their tour, a big party they're doing in Los Angeles.)

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Nobody bother the guys after Halloween! Let them do the album, they don't need distractions...

And definitely go check the guys out when they come to Merriweather on Thursday for their DC101 show!