Think about all the things that people line up for now: new phones, sneakers, tickets to exclusive concerts, video games, movie premieres. The question is, how much is your time worth to stand in one of those lines for hours?

Well now you don't have to worry about it because there is a company that will send someone out to come and stand in line for you. A company in New York, Same Old Line Dudes (SOLD), will be there to wait for whatever new thing you have to get. Of course it's going to cost you. They charge $25 for the first hour and then $10 for each half hour after that.

You have to factor that into the cost of things. Say the new iPhone will cost you $400. Add to that the cost of someone from SOLD standing there for 3 hours for $65, now your total will be $465. Is it worth it to you?

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I guess it all depends on the situation. If it's a cold winter day, maybe this wouldn't be such a bad thing. Then again, what if that something you're after is sold out before the line guy gets up close. I doubt you would get a refund because that's not their problem. Still, it's a good way for them to make money and free up your time, if you have the cash of course.