Fall Out Boy went away and came back after a few years and so far, everything has been great for them. Constantly selling out shows, their Save Rock & Roll record was massive, it's been good in Fall Out Boy land.

That doesn't stop Pete Wentz from being concerned about things though. They are getting ready to start touring in England this weekend and he thinks it could be bad.

He told Kerrang, "I'm more worried that this will be the day people don't show up."


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I don't think they have anything to worry about. They've been doing a run in Europe for a few weeks and looking at the pictures from various shows, each night has had a big crowd that seems into it. Plus, do you think Kerrang would have featured your band on the cover of this month's issue and made you the big story if the fan support wasn't there?

No need to be Paranoid Pete. It'll be fine!