Perry and Etty Farrell, a very happy couple who haven't had their best week.

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I guess if you're going to have an injury, this is the way to do it. Perry Farrell posted this on his Facebook page.


Ripped up his leg again by having sex with his wife Etty for hours. At least that's his claim anyway. (He had injured it before during a Jane's Addiction tour).  Perry and Etty seem like a very passionate couple and I'm guessing their bedroom time is at a more advanced level than most of us. But what exactly are you doing, what kind of move makes you tear a leg muscle?!

There were also accusations from Perry made about Etty possibly cheating on him, but those were quickly removed from his Twitter page. Reading what he posted in his blog with the leg injury, it more seems like Perry needs her attention 24/7 and that's where it came from.

Clearly, if they are having to go to the hospital because of their bedroom antics, everything is ok.