I think it's an awesome thing when musicians give their time and money for things that they really don't have to but do it just because.

Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam is a big skateboarder and he just donated $40,000 to help complete a skate park in his hometown of Glendive, Montana. He said that he was happy to do it because if the town has a baseball field, a football field and a swimming pool, why not a skate park?

This money will be going to The Brent Fitch Memorial Skate Park, paying tribute to Brent, a man who lost his life in a car accident in 2007. The plan is to have different rails and ramps to practice on, plus a pool shaped area for tricks. Jeff's donation is quite large, but the park will still need $28,000 to be completed. Hopefully they get the money to finish it.

Check out Jeff's moves from this video of him skating and talking about hitting different spots while out on the road. 

He's pretty good! I don't recommend jumping over fences for illegal skating though. Only Pearl Jam bass players can get away with that.