I thought we weren't supposed to work hard on Fridays... Well it doesn't matter, there were a lot of musical happenings today, May 9th, and we must discuss them!

We're starting only a year ago, because on May 9th, 2013, David Bowie's video for "The Next Day" was removed by Youtube for the religious images it contains. They quickly put it back up after realizing they made a mistake. 

The video is odd, sure, but taking it down was a bit much.

Let's talk about The Boss, because May 9th has been good to Bruce Springsteen. In 1974 he opened up for Bonnie Raitt, and at her request Bruce and the E Street Band played a 2 hour set. Nobody opens a show with that much time but Bonnie loved Bruce's work so much she let him do it. A music critic was in the audience that night, John Landau, who wrote "I have seen rock & roll's future and his name is Bruce Springsteen."

He was right.

The other thing for Bruce happened in 1992, as he made his debut on US television as the guest musician on SNL. Tom Hanks hosted that episode and I love the quick commercial for it. Just Bruce being the coolest guy in the world, as usual. 

Let's talk birthdays, because we have a few on May 9th!

First up on the list is Mr. Billy Joel, born today in 1949. The man has one of the most successful careers that will ever be in music and I figured since we were talking about Bruce a minute ago, how about The Boss and The Piano Man doing "New York State of Mind" in 2009 at Madison Square Garden!

That's why you go to concerts, you never know what will happen and what special moments you might be able to see live.

Let's go on to May 9th, 1962, because on this day in the U.K. the world was given Dave Gahan! He's been the frontman of Depeche Mode since they formed in 1980 and have been going strong, with a few ups and downs, ever since. Gahan has lead the band all around the world numerous times and countless publications have called him one of the greatest frontmen of all time.

Watch them performing "Enjoy The Silence" in Milan, Italy.


I think the crowd likes them!

Should we stay in England? Alright, why not!

May 9th, 1971, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan was born. He is best known for his work as the bass player for Oasis. Actually, it was Paul who invited Liam Gallagher to join the band he had, The Rain, after they fired the original singer. Guigsy was on the low end for Oasis from 1991 to 1999, quitting the band via a fax sent to Liam and Noel.

Watch as the band makes their television debut in 1994 on the show Live The Word, playing "Supersonic" (and looking so young)! 

One more birthday to discuss today. May 9th, 1979, the world leader in partying was born, Andrew W.K. Watch him playing his song "Party Hard", from the Who Knows? video.

You think that many people on stage is a good idea? Well apparently it is if you're Andrew W.K. I'm sure security loves that every time it happens.

Happy May 9th!