May 8th might seem like a normal day, but oh no sir or ma'am, there were many things that happened On This Day In Music!

We'll kick today's rundown off in 1970, when The Beatles put out their final album, Let It Be. The album was actually supposed to be released in 1969 as it was recorded before Abbey Road but there was a feeling of uncertainty among the band with the first edition of it. They let Phil Spector remix the tracks and that is the version that was put out.

They were working on the Let It Be songs for a while before they put the record out and this is the last (and most famous) performance of "Get Back", from the rooftop concert at Apple Records in January of 1969.

Moving on to May 8th, 1998, The Smashing Pumpkins filed a lawsuit against Westwood One for $1 million because of an interview they did in 1991. That interview was featured on a Smashing Pumpkins Interview Disc that was released without the band's approval. Westwood One had licensed the interview to the people behind the disc, Sound and Media.

(As a side note, 1998 in general wasn't a good time for the band. Billy Corgan's mother died, he was going through a divorce, and their soon to come out album Adore was seen as a failure for not selling a million copies in the US. It was the real turning point for the Pumpkins and the end wasn't too far away.)

We're on to 2012, where it was a major day of change on May 8th for Thomas James Gabel. He was the lead singer of Against Me! and decided to come out to the world today and tell everyone of the decision to live life as a woman. 

The inspiration came from an interaction earlier in the year with a transgender fan of the band and while the group knew for a few months, the knowledge finally became public today. Later in May of 2012 Laura Jane Grace performed her first show with her new name as the leader of Against Me!

Watch Against Me! playing "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" in Alabama from January of this year. The song is the title track of their latest record and deals with the issues Laura Jane faced with her decision to live as a woman. 

There were problems for a bit with the band and Laura Jane's choice but credit to her for living her life and doing things the way she wants, and if people will be there or not to support her she will continue on. Bravo!

Let's do the May 8th birthday celebrating now, shall we!

May 8th, 1951 starts it off with Chris Frantz, the Talking Heads drummer! He and David Byrne met in college in 1970 and started a band called Artistics, which eventually became Talking Heads.

Watch them doing "Once In A Lifetime" from their concert film Stop Making Sense.

Another drummer came to us on May 8th, 1953. His dad was an accomplished musician and his brother isn't too shabby on the guitar. The drummer's name is Alex Van Halen!

This video is their not just their performance of "Dreams" at the Whisky A Go Go in 1986, where the band caused a mob scene in the streets of Los Angeles because they announced there were 200 tickets up for grabs for the show. The line was almost 3 miles long.

Not a chance something like this could happen today. Unbelievable!

One more drummer to salute on his birthday. May 8th, 1962 belongs to Dave Rowntree, the kit man for Blur! His parents were also into music and Dave studied percussion for years. He was playing in bands and also working as a computer programmer when he met Damon Albarn. He quit his job to move to London and be in Blur. To this day he still loves computers and is also involved in politics in England, plus his music as well.

This is their performance of "Girls and Boys" and "Song 2" at the 2012 Brit Awards!

Happy May 8th, 2014! Celebrate to the fullest, we only get one!