Happy May 7th to you and yours! Let's see what happened today over the years in music history!

First on May 7th, 1992, John Frusciante played his first last show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That sounds odd, I know, but let me explain. It was at Club Quatro in Tokyo and John was going to quit the band before they hit the stage that night. They convinced him to play the gig and then the next morning he flew back to California.

Not long before the Tokyo meltdown, John was with the band as they gave a fantastic performance of "Under The Bridge" on Saturday Night Live.


John came back to the band a few years later and eventually called it quits again in 2009 and hasn't been back with them since.

On we go to May 7th, 1998, where Beck and his grandfather Al Hansen had an exhibit go on display at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. The night was odd, to say the least.

He played a song called "New Age Evisceration 1", which was a strange mix of synthesizers, drums and bass. But that wasn't even the weird part of it. Beck came out dressed like a hippie and his band, The Dream Weavers, who were all in costume as well. The real standout of the group was one of the members in a dolphin outfit with a strap on phallus.


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At the end of their show, Beck turn on a chainsaw and cut a keyboard in half. (I don't believe there was an encore.)

Why don't we move onto birthdays!

May 7th, 1946, in Palo Alto, California, the world was given Bill Kreutzmann. Bill was the drummer for the Grateful Dead through their entire career and for most of that time doing percussion along with Mickey Hart, as the duo were known as the Rhythm Devils.

Check out this performance from the Dead in 1987 of "Scarlet Begonias", and keep an eye out for awesome special effects!

Moving forward, we will stop on May 7th, 1969, where in Stockholm, Sweden, Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry was born. He doesn't use Lanoo with his stage name. For a while he was working as an actor and drummed for a few bands, but found his biggest success after moving back to Sweden to make his album Desireless. 

Enjoy this version of "Save Tonight" from Freshmilk TV in Germany! 

And our final birthday boy of the day is Matt Helders, the drummer for Arctic Monkeys! He came to us on May 7th, 1986 in Sheffield, England and originally wasn't a drummer but it kind of fell on him to do it. He said when Arctic Monkeys formed nobody had instruments so the other guys bought guitars and he ended up getting a drum kit. It's worked so far!

The Monkeys were at Austin City Limits last year doing their song "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" and looking stylish, as always!