It's our last On This Day in Music for May so I promise I'll make it a good one! May 30th had a lot happen so let's quit messing around and get to it already!

First off we have some album leaks to discuss. In 2005 Coldplay's X&Y went online illegally before it was in stores. The band tried to prevent it by limiting the copies it sent to radio stations and hosting listening parties for journalists instead of giving them their own to have. Unfortunately, the pirates wouldn't be stopped and it found its way to the internet.

The album still sold a ton of copies and got Coldplay on the stage at Glastonbury. Check out "Fix You" and watch the crowd loving every second of it. 

Another act of leakage happened on May 30th, this time it was in Chicago in 2007. The White Stripes hadn't put out their album Icky Thump yet but Q101 got a copy of it and played the entire record on the air! The DJ was Electra and she put it on the air at 2pm.

At 4pm, calling from Spain, Jack White was FURIOUS and laid into her, saying she was "messing up the entire music business" and couldn't believe she did that. Honestly it was a dumb move and Jack had every right to be upset.

Jack didn't look too upset on Later With Jools Holland when the Stripes played the record's title track. 

(By the way if I get a leaked copy of Lazaretto I will not be the one to play it and have Jack call me up! No thanks...)

Let's go back to discuss what happened on May 30th, 1990. The Exxon Valdez oil spill happened and Midnight Oil wanted to do something to protest the environmental disaster. They played a concert in front of the Exxon building in New York City on the back of a flatbed truck and got their message out there.

Watch their Lennon cover of "Instant Karma", very appropriate for the situation! 

Let's celebrate some birthdays for May 30th, and we might as well keep that protest theme going!

May 30th, 1964, one of protest music's greatest guitarists was born, Mr. Tom Morello! Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman, Tom gets his message out there of injustice and makes it sound pretty good.

Let's go to London, 2010, with Rage playing "Testify" and the place going nuts! 

Two years later we can talk about Stephen Malkmus, the leader of Pavement who was born in 1966!

Pavement, in all their harmony, did "Cut Your Hair" at the MTV studios in 1994. 

Do you have time for one more birthday? Ok good then!

This birthday is the man that beat on the drum kit for The Clash, Topper Headon! He was born on May 30th, 1955, and with the years he spent drumming he's been nicknamed "The Human Drum Machine". I guess with a name like that you have to be good, and Topper is one of the best!

Topper is fast and furious and keeping perfect time with "I Fought The Law"!

Enjoy your Friday and share this wealth of May 30th information with everyone you know!