It's almost the end of May but the reporting will not stop about what happened On This Day in Music! Let's see what went down on May 29th!

First up in 2004 there was trouble for Sum 41. The band was visiting Congo to film a documentary for War Child Canada when fighting broke out between the government and rebel forces.

The situation was dire for everyone at the hotel because, as Deryck Whibley said, "Bullets were coming through windows and everyone was just lying on the ground with their hands on their heads. One bomb came too close, hit the hotel and the hotel just started shaking. Everyone dove and was lying on the ground. Things were falling off the walls, mirrors were breaking. That's when we all kind of realized that this was really going bad and we're probably not going to make it out."

This is the full documentary, Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo, that was made from their trip for War Child Canada. 

As a side note, Sum 41's record Chuck was given the title in honor of the UN Peacekeeper Charles "Chuck" Pelletier who helped everyone evacuate the situation safely.

Next up we'll talk about May 29th, 1997 and a tragedy that happened in Memphis. Jeff Buckley had gone swimming with his clothes on at Wolf River Harbor while singing "Whole Lotta Love" from Led Zeppelin. That was the last anybody saw him until June 4th when his body was discovered in the river.

Watch Jeff playing "Last Goodbye" on MTV in January of 1995. 

Rest in peace Jeff.

Do you think $375,000 is too much to pay for a piano? Normally it would be, but on May 29th, 2007 a piano was sold for that much on, a website that deals in historical pieces.

That particular piano was used by John Lennon for years and he would have it moved to every studio he recorded at because he loved it so much. It was also the last piano Lennon played just hours before he was murdered.

I would say $375,000 for that piano, knowing who played it and you can only imagine how many masterpieces were written on it, that price is a bargain.

Let's talk May 29th birthdays!

First off a man who has made so many songs that we all know but probably don't know who wrote them. Danny Elfman was born today in 1953 and he's composed more movie songs than you can count. Batman, Spiderman, Chicago, Beatlejuice, Mars Attacks!, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, an unreal resume. Plus he was the leader of Oingo Boingo who made some great music!

His most famous song only has 2 words in it! 

Another birthday for today happened in 1976 as Dave Buckner was born! He was the drummer for many years of Papa Roach. In fact Dave was in the band when they had a trombone player!

Watch them doing "Scars" in 2007 at the Download Festival (NSFW, might want to put on headphones for this one). 

One more birthday for May 29th, and I did save the best birthday for last. Today in 1967 a boy came to the world who would be known for his songwriting, his guitar prowess and his battles with his brother Liam. Happy birthday Noel Gallagher!!!

The night that Noel became a superstar was during the Oasis MTV Unplugged session in August, 1996 at Royal Albert Hall. Only a few minutes before the show Liam mysteriously couldn't perform and Noel took the lead. Liam watched from the balcony, smoking, drinking and heckling as Noel nailed it.

"Don't Look Back In Anger" finished the evening! 

And it also finishes May 29th's edition of On This Day in Music! Gracias.