What does May 22nd have for us? Well let's find out as we look and see what's what On This Day in Music!

Starting with a terrible tragedy in 2002 on May 22nd, the bus of Alien Ant Farm crashed in Spain and caused the bus driver's death and singer Dryden Mitchell had a broken neck. I know they released their record Truant the next year, but it always felt like Alien Ant Farm was never the same after the bus crash.

Watch them doing "Movies" at in Hollywood at Universal Studios City Walk in July, 2011. 

I know they've been working on a new album. Maybe we'll get it before 2014 is over.

Moving up to 2009, Meg White tied the knot for a second time! She got hitched to Jackson Smith and the ceremony happened at her ex-husband Jack White's house. Meg also continued something with this marriage, just like when she and Jack were together: it only lasted four years.

What song could go with this special occasion from The White Stripes? "Fell In Love With A Girl" of course, from Letterman in 2007!


I don't know if I would be cool with marrying someone at her first husband's place. Something sounds weird about that. But that's just me...

Let's get to the birthdays, and the first one better not have any animal products at the party. May 22nd, 1959, the world was given the man, the myth, the hair, Morrissey! 

"How Soon Is Now?" is Moz at his best in 1986 with The Smiths at Kilburn National Ballroom in London. 

I want to talk more about Morrissey but he'll probably get upset about it so let's move on to May 22nd, 1962 and Jesse Valenzuela's birthday! You know Jesse, he's the guitar player for Gin Blossoms!

Live from Farm Aid 1994, they played "Alison Road", which doesn't get enough credit as a good song. 

One more birthday to talk about today and that will be Dan Roberts. He is of Canadian origins and you may have heard him lay down the sweet low end sounds for Crash Test Dummies!

"Afternoons and Coffeespoons" was done live at the UK's Phoenix Festival in 1994! 

I don't know how May 22nd can get any better, now that you know all of that!