Why hello to you, welcome to the knowledge of what happened On This Day in Music for May 15th!

We begin in 1980, where The Sex Pistols released their film The Great Rock n Roll Swindle! The film is a mockumentary with a story based loosely on the band and a private detective. Everyone in the band had a role in the movie and there was also a soundtrack to it, with contributions from some other groups as well.

"God Save The Queen", this is the version heard in the film!

You can find The Great Rock n Roll Swindle on DVD by the way. Put that in your Amazon cart.

Next we'll head over to May 15th, 2000, where Dexter Holland of The Offspring was in court on behalf of The Dead Kennedys. The issue was about their songs being used in commercials, where former and (then) current people in the group had differing views on how their music should be licensed.

Dexter told the San Francisco Court, "The punk-rock movement was supposed to be a very rebellious movement. Anything that connects the band to what is considered mainstream goes against what the band stands for."

The trial, by the way, ended in favor of the band and not former lead singer Jello Biafra, but the Levi's commercial they were all fighting about never ended up being made.

How about a trip to May 15th, 2005, where Nine Inch Nails got some good news! Their record With Teeth went to the top of the US charts on this day and it's their second record to go to that coveted spot.

The biggest song from With Teeth is "The Hand That Feeds", and look, a video of them doing it! 

It's good to be #1!

We have a big birthday to celebrate today. May 15th, 1948 belongs to Brian Eno. He was the original keyboard player for Roxy Music and also worked to make sure their sound was as perfect as he could make it. But that's not all we know Brian Eno from, as he did solo work, helped out many big musicians of the last few decades, but he is much more famous as one of the greatest record producers ever.

As a producer, Eno got to work on some of the biggest bands ever: U2, David Bowie, Coldplay, Devo, James, and The Talking Heads, just to name a few.

Watch Brian perform with Bono and The Edge, doing "One" with a full orchestra! 

Yeah, that wasn't too bad at all.

I hope you have an awesome May 15th and you have French fries today, because they make every day even more incredible.