May 14th is an important day for music but also for the United States! Today in 1787 the delegates of the United States started to gather in Philadelphia to write the foundation of our country, the Constitution! Virginia and Pennsylvania delegates met today and eventually everyone got there by May 25th. But the start of what our country is based on, I'd say that's pretty big news to begin with!

Now let's turn things over to music, shall we?

May 14th, 1956 is where we begin, at the optometrist with Buddy Holly. His eye doctor recommended today that he try contact lenses, and after giving them a test run, he decided to stick with his signature black frame glasses. I think he made the right choice and so do the boys from Weezer!

This is "Buddy Holly" from one of the first MTV performances Weezer did in 1994. 

What if Buddy took the contacts? I wonder if he would have kept his image and also had Weezer write the song based on him. Probably, but still...

Now we move to 1998, a sad May 14th in music as we lost Frank Sinatra. He hadn't been out much since his 1997 heart attack and this was the last day the world had him, as he suffered another heart attack and died in the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

Since we're doing song about people, how about "Frank Sinatra" by Cake, live from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, New York, in 2012. 

Rest in Peace Frank.

We have some birthdays to talk about for May 14th.

Starting the celebrating in 1952, a baby is given to the world who would grow up to become the leader of The Talking Heads, Mr. David Byrne!

The Talking Heads are performing "Burning Down The House" in 1984 from Stop Making Sense

It's too bad the band can't get past their issues with David. Such is life...

May 14th, 1962, Ian Astbury came to be. He started crying and burping a lot and eventually came to be the frontman of The Cult! There were many ups and downs for the band, and they're currently on the up side of things. Check out "She Sells Sanctuary" from Rockpalast in 1986 from Munich, Germany! 

The birthdays don't stop today!

4 years after Ian Astbury, we go to the birthday of Mike Inez on May 14th, 1966. Mike is a very accomplished musician, playing bass for Ozzy Osbourne, Slash's Snakepit, Black Label Society, but the place we mostly know him from is the time he's spent in Alice in Chains.

From their 1996 Unplugged performance, "No Excuses"! 

One more birthday, one more bass player today!

May 14th, 1976 is the day in question for Hunter Burgan. He came on to his current band in 1997, AFI. Hunter's been their low man for the longest stretch of anyone in the job, as he's the third guy to have the gig. I think for over 15 years now in the band, he's got the job.

Watch AFI at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida, playing "Silver and Cold"! 

Have a great May 14th, because gosh darn it you deserve it!