Well happy May 13th to you, I hope you're enjoying it so far!

Let's get This Day in Music History underway with The Rolling Stones! On May 13th, 1966, they put out a song that you may have heard, it was a bit of a hit for them. "Paint It Black" was given to us and it remains one of their biggest hits to this day!

This performance is from just a few weeks after the song came out in 1966. They look so young! 

More bands need sitar players, it's really missing in music today.

Let's jump forward to May 13th, 1983, where another band had a good day. Today, The Smiths released their debut single, "Hand In Glove". The Smiths and their record label had disputes over the song, and a remixed version appeared on their first album The Smiths almost a year later.

Whatever disputes they had about the tune though, this was the song that opened doors for The Smiths and put them into the eyes of important people. This is the original version of "Hand In Glove", not the one that was on The Smiths. 

Well move up 2 years to May 13th, 1985, and check in with another one of the bands who were key to the alternative sounds of the 80s. Today, New Order released their album Low-Life and headed out on a tour to support it shortly after.

They stopped in Toronto in August and on the setlist was "The Perfect Kiss", which they happily played for everyone there. 

Hey was he wearing pants?!

What do you say to some May 13th birthdays? Let's do it!

Should we start in Charleston, South Carolina, for the May 13th birthday of Darius Rucker? Yes, we'll go to 1966 for it! Hootie and the Blowfish played "Only Want To Be With You" in 1995 at the 10th Anniversary FarmAid concert! 

There are more! How about May 13th, 1951, when Paul Thompson was born! He's been the drummer for Roxy Music during two stints, from 1971 to 1980 and from 2001 until now.

In 1974 they played "All I Want Is You" at Musikladen! 

All I want is that sweet blue suit the sax player has on! That's awesome!

One more birthday for May 13th, Mr. Stevie Wonder! He wasn't born blind, but being a few weeks premature and put into an incubator caused his loss of vision very early in his life. That didn't stop him from becoming one of the most successful musicians or songwriters in history. Besides the countless songs he put out himself, he's written music with many of the great Motown bands, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Whitney Houston, just to name a few.

I'll spare you the Michael Bolton cover of one of Stevie's songs and go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers on with Letterman in March of 1990 as they played "Higher Ground", a song that to this day they still have in their setlist. 

Unless you want the Michael Bolton. Ok, as long as you're sure.

Happy May 13th!