There is much to discuss On This Day in Music for June 3rd and we're getting right to it!

Our look at today will start in 2006, where the Red Hot Chili Peppers' record Stadium Arcadium hit quite the milestone, as it was at the top of the charts in the US and in the UK! The album was out for a few weeks and to get there on both sides of the Atlantic is a major accomplishment for any band!

Watch the guys playing "Tell Me Baby" in 2006 at the BBC! 

(I want my own blimp!!!)

Let's stay over in jolly old England and discuss the events of June 6th, 2002, it was Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee, celebrating 50 years of her having been Queen of England! This was THE event for musicians to be at and this is a performance of "Hey Jude" with Paul McCartney at the helm. With him, among the musicians, was Ozzy, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Brian May, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker and Tom Jones!

Unreal! But I guess those are the perks of being Queen.

There was an interview on The Arsenio Hall Show on June 2nd, 1992. The person being interviewed was presidential candidate Bill Clinton, and after they talked it was sax time! Check him out doing "Heartbreak Hotel"!

And when I found that clip I also found this. Whoever did this one, well played. 

That's pretty funny.

There are birthdays to discuss today and I want to start in 1965 with Mike Gordon. He's the man on the low end, playing bass for Phish and also putting out a few solo records as well.

Watch them doing "Down With Disease" from their Star Lake 98 video! 

On to 1968 with the birth of Samantha Sprackling, aka Saffron, the leading lady of Republica! "Ready to Go" was done live on Rockpalast in 1997! 

One more to talk about today, June 3rd, 1974, as Kelly Jones (no relation) was born and grew up to be the man who fronts Stereophonics!

"Have A Nice Day" live from Rock in Rio Madrid in July of 2008! 

Your brain is full of June 3rd awesomeness! Use it wisely.