It's the last day of June and we're going to finish it strong On This Day in Music for June 30th!

Today we'll start in Denmark in 2000, where 9 people died at a Pearl Jam show. It was their headlining set at the Roskilde Festival and the people were trampled to death. It was a combination of crowdsurfers falling and not being able to get back up plus people slipping on the mud near the stage. Pearl Jam stopped their performance to tell everyone to give people room but it was too late.

Because of this crowdsurfing was banned at many European festivals and the safety measures were scrutinized at shows to prevent anything like this from happening again.

Eddie Vedder wrote about the tragedy in the Pearl Jam song "Love Boat Captain". 

I can't stress it enough, have fun at shows but everyone needs to watch out for things happening. We must be safe in massive crowds!

Next up we're staying in Europe, going off to Dublin, Ireland. It was June 30th, 2007, when R.E.M. started a five night residency at the Olympia Theatre. They were rehearsing for the upcoming Accelerate album, debuting some of the songs that weren't completely finished yet.

This was one of the first live performances from that residency of "Supernatural Superserious". Clearly it was a loose performance and the guys were ironing things out but it still sounded great! 

Let's go to June 30th, 1977 and talk about KISS. It was today that Marvel Comics released the first KISS comic book, showing the band as superheroes in the illustrations. While it's not really surprising that KISS was involved in merchandise, the crazy thing about this book was that blood from the band members was used in the ink!

It was taken by a nurse and witnessed by a notary public that, yes, it was legitimate KISS blood. The blood was mixed into the ink at Marvel's printer in New York and used to make the print on those pages.

I found one, if you want to own it for yourself. Click here for the eBay listing.

Now we're going to talk birthdays for June 30th!

Our birthday celebrating begins in 1982 with Andy Knowles, who has been the off again on again drummer for Franz Ferdinand. Andy originally was their drum tech, left to join another band, and came back to work with Franz Ferdinand on their tours, plus to direct some of their videos!

He's with them on "Do You Want To", live at My Taratata in 2006! 

Off we go to 1969 with the birth of Tom Drummond. You expect him to be a drummer don't you? He's not, but he is in the rhythm section of Better Than Ezra as their bassist! He was one of the original members of the band and continues to lay the low end down with them now. They're getting ready to release their next album in September, All Together Now!

"Desperately Wanting" comes from the Rock and Rockets special, filmed at Epcot in Walt Disney World in 1998. 

One more birthday today, and it's a loud celebration. June 30th, 1968 is the birthday of Phil Anselmo, your frontman of Pantera! Awesome performance of "Cemetary Gates" from 1997! 

A strong end to the month! Happy June 30th!