Having it be Friday is really reason enough to celebrate but wait, there's so much more! We have to discuss what happened On This Day in Music for June 27th!

Our adventure begins today in 2000 where Sum 41 put out their debut, Half Hour of Power! True to the title, it is exactly 30 minutes long and gave us gems like "Machine Gun", "What I Believe" and "Makes No Difference", which they played in England in 2002! 

I hope, with all of Deryck Whibley's problems, they can one day come back to be as good as that.

Today also showed technical progress for online music. In 1994, Aerosmith debuted a new song and allowed people to download it for free via CompuServe. That song was "Head First" and sounds like this. 

A side note on this, I remember CompuServe and downloading things in 1994. A single photo would take hours, I can only imagine how long a song would take. And God forbid someone picked up the phone line before your download was complete! NOOOOOO!!!

We'll discuss June 27th, 2012, where a first happened in music. Randy Blythe, the lead singer of Lamb of God, was arrested in the Czech Republic and charged with manslaughter. This was because of a 19 year old Daniel Nosek dying at the Lamb of God show at Abaton in Prague.

The whole story has many sides, but Nosek died after falling off the stage, hitting his head and going into a coma. Weeks after the fall he passed away and Randy was charged for it, the first time this has ever happened in that setting. The case went on for over a year and in the end Blythe was found not criminally guilty of Nosek's death.

We have a birth and a passing to talk about today.

For the birth, June 27th, 1985 was the day that Coby Linder got here! He's the former drummer for Say Anything, and he showed his skills off when the band played at The Troubadour in Los Angeles in 2009 on their song "Baby Girl I'm A Blur"! 

And a passing that we have to discuss today happened on June 27th, 2002. It was in room 658 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, as the night before they were going to start their world tour, The Who's bass player John Entwistle died. The autopsy showed it was a heart attack caused by a cocaine overdose.

They took the stage at Live Aid in 1985 and were, as usual, amazing, with "Won't Get Fooled Again"! 

Sad that such a talent went that way.

Have a great June 27th and a great weekend!