I'm hoping June 19th is better than yesterday was, with my car having to be towed away to be fixed... Pray for me.

June 19th had many musical happenings, and we're going to start today in 1965 with The Rolling Stones. Today the guys celebrate because it is the anniversary of their first US Number 1, "Satisfaction"! Of course, that's their first of many, but numero uno has to be the most special to them!

Look how young they are doing the song that year! 

Next up we're off to 2011 in Serbia, which was not a good day for Amy Winehouse. On June 19th she was supposed to play a show in Belgrade. Supposed to is the key word there, because she was booed off stage for being too drunk / drugged up to perform.

Sadly this was at the point of no turning back for her, as she passed away a few weeks later. Let's watch her performing "Rehab" on The Tonight Show

Such a sad ending for Amy. So much talent wasted by drugs.

Now to another bad day, and this one involved Richard Ashcroft, former lead singer of The Verve. Today in 2006, he went into a youth club in England and demanded to work with the teenagers there. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and fined for it. (Drinking may have been a factor...)

Since Richard isn't with The Verve anymore, how about we watch him playing "Bittersweet Symphony" with Coldplay at Live 8 in London! 

We need to talk birthdays too!

Brian "Head" Welch is our first, as he was born on June 19th, 1970. Brian's been the guitarist for Korn now on two different runs, and he helped the band with their biggest songs including "Got The Life". They had the crowd going nuts at Woodstock '99 when they did it! 

Today is also the birthday of Scott Avett, one of the siblings behind The Avett Brothers! He and his brother Seth founded the band and have been doing quite well for themselves ever since. How well? I'd say playing at Red Rocks in front of a sold out crowd isn't too bad! "Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise" will show you! 

One more birthday, one more birthday! Ok, ok!!!!

Ben Haggerty's birthday is June 19th, 1983. I know what you're saying... WHO IS BEN HAGGERTY?! Well Ben is better known as Macklemore!

Last year he and Ryan Lewis did "Thrift Shop" at Radio 1's Big Weekend. Tired and confused, they killed it! 

There you have it! June 19th is officially awesome.