I know it’s Monday. The worst day of the week. But forget working or doing anything productive, you have things to learn about On This Day in Music for June 16th!

We’ll start in 2004 with the future powder keg of a band known as Velvet Revolver. They were a supergroup determined to make it and they did quite well together with Scott Weiland singing and Slash on guitar. They put out their debut album Contraband and it was today that the record went to number 1 on the charts. Watch "Fall To Pieces" from VH1's Big in 2004!

By the way, the girl on the cover of the Contraband record is actress Rena Riffel! (That could be on Jeopardy one night. Don’t forget it.)

Next we go to England in 2008, because on June 16th Coldplay kicked off their Viva La Vida Tour at the Brixton Academy. It was the first of 161 dates for the band. That’s quite a lot of hotel rooms and hours spent going through airport security!

Listen to them doing “In My Place”, as the show was broadcast live on Radio 1.  

I wasn’t going to subject you to the awful cell phone videos from this show. It looked like an earthquake was happening and I don’t want you getting motion sickness.

On we go to 2007 and we’ll stay in jolly old England. It was Muse and a big show for them, because they became the first band to sell out Wembley Stadium after all the renovations happened. How many people were there? Oh, just a small crowd of 90,000+. No big deal.

It was this show and the one the next night with almost as many people that Muse edited together for their HAARP video and album! There are many songs to pick from, I say we go with “Time Is Running Out”!  

Unbelievable! And they look so comfortable up there…

Now let’s go to the births and the deaths on June 16.

Ben Kweller is our first, coming into the world on June 16, 1981. He’s released 5 records all by himself, plus has been a part of countless collaborations and duets, most notably working as part of The Bens.

He was on Letterman with “Penny On The Train Track”!

And while we celebrate today, there was also tragedy. On June 16, 1994, Hole’s original bass player Kristen Pfaff was found dead in her apartment in Seattle. She overdosed on drugs as needles an baggies were found near her body.

Kristen has since been inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and the University of Minnesota’s radio station, KUOM, has an annual scholarship in her honor which awards $1,000 to individuals in the arts to help achieve their academic goals.

Here is Hole in 1993 on The Word playing “Beautiful Son”. 

Thank god the music from the 90s was good, because video production sure wasn’t!

Have a great June 16th, even if it is a stinking Monday…