Welcome back! You've come for the scoop about what happened On This Day in Music for June 12th? Let's do this!

We shall begin just a year ago, where on June 12th, 2013, Ted Dwayne from Mumford and Sons had brain surgery! The bassist was in the hospital and had a brain clot removed, but only a few weeks later he was on stage with them for their headlining set at the Glastonbury Festival.

Ted looked pretty good when the band played "Babel" for the thousands in attendance at the show! 

Ted Dwayne: WARRIOR!

Next up we're talking about June 12th, 2005. On that day Pink Floyd said they would be together again with Roger Waters for the July 2nd Live 8 concert. It shows you how big the concert truly was, to bring Pink Floyd back together fully after 20 years.

I remember watching this happen live online. I also remember it being 2005 and the internet wasn't as good then because the show kept cutting out. "Wish You Were Here" was incredible. 

While Pink Floyd said they were getting everyone back together, today was the final show ever for The Beastie Boys. It happened at Bonnaroo in 2009. Shortly after the concert, MCA was diagnosed with cancer and the Boys never played live again.

Let's see their unreal performance of "Sabotage" from the show. 

Such a shame that MCA is gone but his legacy will last forever.

Let's talk about birthdays for June 12th, and we can go to 1951 with Bun E. Carlos as our first for today! Cheap Trick's drummer played for so many years with them and they definitely had their ups and downs.

Why don't we see Cheap Trick playing "I Want You To Want Me" and talking for a few minutes in 1983 on the much forgotten show Thicke of The Night, starring the great Alan Thicke!

We'll go ahead to 1959 and June 12th in that year gave us John Lindell. John is half of They Might Be Giants and we'll watch them playing "Birdhouse In Your Soul" on The Tonight Show in 1990.

Jay Leno looks so young there! Too bad Carson wasn't there but we'll take what we can get.

We'll do one more June 12th birthday, and it's for Bobby Sheehan. He was one of the founding members of Blues Traveler and sadly their bassist died in 1999 of a drug overdose.

During their set in 1995 at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in California they had a great performance of "But Anyway"!

There you have it, your factoids, tidbits and must have information for the day! May your June 12th be full of greatness!